About Shri Yoga

Shri Yoga is a calming but challenging yoga style practiced in an informal group environment. This style of yoga is practiced by certified teacher Shri Sabnis whose motivation was to serve the community.

Regular Shri yoga classes include various asanas, breathing exercises, chakra vibration, mantra chanting, and relaxation techniques. Specific classes like Kids Yoga class and Meditation class are also conducted.

The vision of Shri yoga is to provide everyone opportunity to learn yoga techniques in a family friendly environment. The classes are held at community places and at homes of yoga members who are generous and enthusiastic hosts. Classes are offered for all levels and age groups in a comfortable informal setup.

About Shri Sabnis

“Shri Ji”, “Shri Kaka” is how we fondly call Shrikant Sabnis our Yoga Guru. Shri Ji is more than a Yoga Guru, a fatherly figure to a lot of us. Retired after working for 40 years in the development and analysis of safety-critical systems such as Air Traffic control systems and GPS-based Navigation systems, Shri Ji has dedicated his life to teaching Yoga and spreading love and compassion. For the last twelve years, he has been conducting Yoga classes for free at various locations like temples, community halls, volunteer homes, Yoga studios, etc. traveling almost 70 miles a day. Beyond inspiring adults, Shri Ji is a favorite “kaka” to all kids. With his exceptional skills in remembering people and their names, Shri easily connects with all ages. During every class, he encourages the kids to try something new and challenges adults constantly to try various poses.

When the pandemic hit, Shri Ji believed Yoga’s power could help people to cope with uncertainties. Shri Ji with some volunteer helps, formed a non-profit 501c3 charity and created a virtual platform. From being local community classes around our tristate region, this virtual platform helped to reach people all over the world. The numbers increased from 300 people attending, to 1200 people from various states in the USA and outside the USA.

The virtual platform provided people of all ages to meet family and friends and attend Yoga, pranayama, meditations, and expert sessions. Shri Ji inspired many adults and kids to become certified Yoga practitioners and provided his platform to conduct classes for free. Currently, over 70 classes are conducted weekly without a break by Shri Ji and his 30 certified practitioners. Pranayama classes offered twice every day in the mornings are the most popular classes. For many, it has become a way to start the day. Meditation classes late in the evenings have helped people to relax, unwind, and get better sleep. Seniors have benefited from Pranayama, Chair Yoga, meditations, and easy classes. The weekday classes for kids aged 4 – 14 are very popular and have helped kids to learn excellent Yoga skills.  They also get SSL hours to conduct Yoga classes. Beneficial expert sessions like Vedanta, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Parkinson’s, MS, etc. are periodically offered. This Yoga family has extended their interests and created more groups for entertainment, food, diet, meditation, photography, etc.

Shri Ji is devoting all his time and energy, selflessly spreading the power of Yoga, dedication, love, compassion, public service, and a way of a balanced life.


Shri Yoga Inc. is a registered non profit 501c3 organization in Maryland, USA. Your donations help us serve you better. Please donate generously.

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